Ede, short for Edward

Everyone loves Ede. Ede works industriously and tirelessly – it does not matter if the job is on the banks of the Rába or in the deserts of Iran. Edward has exemplary endurance and can carry the whole world on his shoulders. Be like Ede!

I will be like him!

Tulip Carrier

It will not only carry tulips, but also safely transport wooden clogs, wind turbine parts, whole bicycles or components for dams and sluices. That could be a strong factor why it is one of the most successful trucks in Europe, a market leader in about half-dozen countries.

It is not tilting at windmills, I am sold

Biodynamic Tanker

It is hard to believe that the future can get any more protean than this: Uncle Luigi had an exceptional imagination that is hard to describe – luckily, he was able express all that in shapes. You could search, but hardly find any equals for the biodynamic design language he pioneered.

I am mesmerized by it's shapes


A whole generation learnt to love with or in it, for millions of people it was the symbol of peace and understanding. It is also a first-class ride for traveling if you are not much of a hurry. But they will welcome you with huge smiles everywhere you go, people will wave and cheer if they see you. And you will have plenty of time to take in every sight of the beautiful landscapes that rush roll elegantly by your windows.

Three colours are available? Show them all!

Not Great, Not Terrible

The scriptwriters of the popular series must have misunderstood the meaning behind the words of deputy chief-engineer Dyatlov. It is obvious he was not talking about the nuclear catastrophe, but the miracle of Ulyanovsk! It can get through the Siberian wilderness and happily trots along just fine, even when polar bears put on their winter coats. But even a 50-wagon freight train has a shorter stopping distance and it has absolutely no concept of the word comfort. Believe me, the party secretary tried to explain it, but even the comrade failed in that task. In short: it is not great, not terrible.

I want to radiate coolness as well!

Nordic Idyll

The whole area is still silent, it has not woken up from its slumber. There is nothing more beautiful than those first few metres in the fresh snow! You could be there outside experiencing it, but instead of the jacket and the boots, you choose the magical purr of the V8 and the heated cab. How wise of you.

Give me inner peace

Wrong Neighborhood

You not from around here, are you? You should have known better to leave your ride unattended in this area. You can be happy that they did not steal the wheels and put it up on block, they just smashed in the windows. Now you regret not buying the shatterproof windows, am I right? No kidding! Those are the shatterproof windows?! Tell me do you always buy a first class ticket for the hype train?

Hype train, hype train!

Hungarian High-Flyers

Everything was better in the old days! Today both of these are things of the past: the Hungarian bus industry can only remember its former glory, while the national airways only lives on in our memories. But there was a time when your heart would fill with pride upon hearing the name of either company, as they were real high-flyers – literally in case of the planes and figuratively in the case of the world-class buses. Those who still care for these great brands, can wear them proudly and present it stylishly to the whole wide world.

Take me to the clouds above!

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