Terms and Conditions

The current General Terms and Conditions (thereafter as “GTC”) refer to the rights and obligations of the Customer (thereafter as “Customer”), who use the provided services by Nice Ride Kft. (thereafter as “Vendor”) through niceride.hu (https://niceride.hu) website (the „Vendor” and the Customer” from here together are as „Parties”). When placing an order on the website, the Customer obliged to read and accept the rules of these GTC and the provision’s in the website Privacy Policy Information; without this the order cannot be finalized.

Vendor’s Details

Company name: Nice Ride Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Company registration number: 12-09-010827
Registration authority: Balassagyarmat, Court of Registry of the General Court
VAT number: HU27116782
Headquarters: 3161 Kishartyán, Dózsa út 16., Hungary
Mailing address: 2040 Budaörs, Budapesti út 87/A., Hungary
Website: https://niceride.hu
E-mail address: hello@niceride.hu

Information about the hosting provider:
BlazeArts Kft.
6090 Kunszentmiklós, Damjanich János utca 36., Hungary 36, 6090

Customer Service

The Vendor receives customer requests via the mailing address, e-mail address and additional contact details listed on the contact page of the website. Our registered users are asked to use the customer service support system available after login.

General Information

The scope of the GTC covers all orders placed through the website. Some of the website’s functions, including ordering, is available without registration; but many services can only be used after free registration and login.

The current Privacy Policy is available at any time on the website; all these conditions and regulations are accepted by the Customer at the time of ordering.


Anyone can place an order on the Website and at any time, this is not subject to registration. Registration can be made during the order or through the Login/Registration section of the Website. Before registering, the user of the Website is obliged to read and accept the Privacy Policy of the Website.

Upon login our registered users can also use the Customer service support page reserved for them. It is easier for registered users to easily check their previous orders and their data is stored, so they do not have to fill in each field separately upon subsequent orders.

The Customer can modify their data in the User Account. Customer is responsible for keeping account access information secret. In case the User Account’s access data becomes known by an unauthorized third party, the Customer must change their password immediately. If the Customer suspects that their account is being misused, they must notify the Vendor about this.

The Vendor is not liable for any damages resulting from unauthorized access to the Customer’s user account not arising from the Vendor’s fault, or in case the Customer forgets their access data.

The Customer can initiate the cancellation of their registration at any time by contacting the Vendor via the contact options prescribed in section Customer service. Upon receipt of the notification, Vendor will delete the user account and the personal data stored in it. This deletion does not apply to previous orders, and to the data which seller is obliged to keep for the period and to the extent required by the applicable law


T-shirts with Unique Graphics

Most of the website’s offerings consist of unique designs, which are printed on T-shirts with the colour, size, and style in line with the Customer’s choice. Such physical products are manufactured individually after the Customer places an order.

Discounted Products

The Vendor offers discounted used products for purchase under the outlet product category on its Website. In this regard the term used product means that it may be damaged in packaging, aesthetically damaged, tested, returned etc.

Gift Card

A Gift Card is also available on the Website, which can be purchased in several different value options. This is a digital product that the Customer receives by e-mail in the form of a unique coupon code, whichs grants the chosen amount as a discount. This code can only be used once, without any time limit, for a single purchase. This is a fixed discount from which the Vendor will not refund the unused amount. By using the coupon code the user forfeits the right to withdraw from the purchase.

For privacy protection we only send the Customer one code, we do not ask for any additional information in advance about the person who will use the coupon. In other words, this is a code that can be used by anyone, so the Customer is obliged to ensure that it does not become known to unauthorized third parties. The Vendor cannot distinguish between legitimate and unauthorized coupon users, so Vendor takes no responsibility for damages originating from illegal use.

Informed Customer

Vendor strives to provide the fullest possible information about each product, but there may be a typo or incomplete information even with the utmost care. The characteristics and essential features of the products offered by the Vendor are set out in the descriptions on the Website and the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page. In order to make well-prepared and informed customer decisions, Customers are requested to carefully study the information available on the Website prior to ordering. This is especially true for discounted products that are offered by Vendor with known defects and only in a specific size. The data sheet of these products provides information on the condition with photo documentation and a detailed description of the why the product is in the outlet category.

The Vendor is also ready to answer pre-purchase questions via the ways described in the customer service section.



The prices shown on the Website is the gross selling price including VAT, but does not include the cost of shipping. The prices shown in HUF on the Hungarian language page are only valid for delivery to a Hungarian address, for all other countries the prices shown in EUR are valid. The shipping cost is listed as a separate item on the Cart and Checkout pages, as well as in the order confirmation e-mail. You can see the exact amount on the Checkout page after you have selected the appropriate destination country.

The Vendor reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. The new prices are always valid from the date of publication on the Website, the modification does not affect orders already placed. The Vendor is not required to produce or to deliver the product in case of misrepresented prices due to mistake by the Vendor or by the system (e.g. unreasonable price, price below cost value). In such a case Vendor may offer to provide the product at the correct price, but the Customer can refuse it without giving any reason.

Misrepresented price can be in particular, but not limited to, the manifestly erroneous or unrealistic price, which differs significantly from the well-known and generally accepted price of the product/service concerned; a price of 0 or 1 that may appear due to a technical fault; prices showing a striking imbalance in value.

Adding Products to the Cart

The Customer selects the graphic (the product), then after the appropriate T-shirt size, style and colour to be produced with the selected graphic. The Customer is obliged to check the different styles and sizes on the Website before placing an order, to ensure that they choose the correct size, style and colour. Selecting the product in such a way, the ordering process can be started by putting the product into the cart.

On the Cart page, the Customer can see the products they have added to their cart, and they can browse the Website to add more products to the cart. On the Cart page, they can review the products they want to order, change the quantity, or delete items. They can go to the Checkout page by selecting the delivery method, or they can change the delivery method on the Checkout page.


The Vendor uses the Hungarian Post Office to deliver the ordered physical products to the Customer. The Vendor delivers to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. In the case of Hungary, the Customer can choose either home delivery or collection at a Post Depot or Package Locker. For other countries, the Post will deliver to the address provided by the Customer. For low-weight orders, you can choose the trackless option, while the Europe+ package offers tracking by default. The exact delivery cost of your order will be shown on the Checkout page after you have selected the appropriate delivery destination. The Vendor is entitled to offer free delivery based on the total order amount or quantity, as well as in connection with different promotions. If a Customer is entitled to free shipping, they should select the free delivery option instead of home delivery, if they want to use this offer. If the Customer selects a paid shipping option, the delivery fee will be also charged. The Post Depot /Package Locker options automatically apply the free delivery option when the customer is entitled to it. The Post Depot /Package Locker options automatically apply the free delivery option when the customer is entitled to it.

There is no shipping cost for digital products, those are sent to the Customer via e-mail by the Vendor.

Correcting and Modifying Data

The Customer is obliged to verify that the data and the parameters of the products to be ordered are correct before submitting the order. The Customer can change the items in their Cart at any time on the Cart page on the menu bar, while the personal information (name, e-mail address, telephone number, billing and shipping addresses) can be entered or changed by going to the Checkout page.


The Customer enters their invoicing and delivery data on the Checkout page. The Vendor serves individual consumers on the Website, legal entities can indicate their individual ordering needs through the contact page, for more information about the options offered to companies and clubs, see the Partners page. The Customer can only initiate the order by clicking on the Submit Order button if both the products selected and the data provided are correct.

The order is subject to the Customer’s acceptance of the Privacy Policy and the GTC of the Website.

Vendor shall not be liable for any delay, error or non-fulfilment due to incorrect or incomplete information provided by the Customer. By clicking the Submit Order button, the order is created, which means payment obligation for the Customer.


For physical products, the Customer can pay securely online by credit card or, in the case of delivery in Hungary, they can choose paying on delivery. In the case of digital products, only pre-payment is possible, as they are sent to the Customer by digital means.

If the customer chooses to pay in advance, they click on the Submit Order button on the Checkout page and enters the payment system approved by the Seller (OTP Simplepay or PayPal), where they pay the price of the ordered products and any shipping costs. In this case, the Vendor only treats the Customer’s order as an offer after the successful payment.

If the Customer chooses payment on delivery on the Checkout page, clicking on the Order button the Customer makes an offer to the Vendor to buy the items in the Cart. When using payment on delivery and home delivery, the Customer can pay by cash or using a bank card. At Package Lockers the Customer pays by bank or credit card, and at Post Depots either by cash or by card, depending on the chosen location. For more information on these points, please visit the Hungarian Post’s website:https://www.posta.hu/szolgaltatasok/szolgaltataskereso

Creating an Order

After the successful payment of the order, or in the case of payment on delivery after the Customer’s offer, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer on the Checkout page. By sending the e-mail confirmation, the Vendor accepts the offer sent via the order; a valid contract is created between the Parties. This e-mail contains the ordered items and the data entered by the Customer. If the Customer does not receive the e-mail confirmation within 48 hours of the order being sent, they are released from the offer obligation, the order and the contract are not concluded.


The order is considered as electronically concluded contract governed by Hungarian law. The placed order is a written contract between the Parties in Hungarian. The Vendor registers this fact by recording the order details in the Website database. The data relating to the order is protected and handled by the Vendor in accordance with applicable law, and is retained for the period provided for in the legislation. After logging in the Customer can access their previous orders, by clicking on their username and selecting the My Orders menu.

Modifying Orders Already Placed

If the Customer detects an error in the delivery or billing details upon receipt of the order confirmation email, the Customer shall immediately notify customer service of this, in order to avoid the fulfilment of unwanted orders. Due to individual production, it is not possible to change the ordered products from after the start of their production.


The Vendor issues the invoice upon shipping the ordered items, which is available on the link specified in the invoice confirmation e-mail. The Vendor’s fulfilment time is generally 30 days, which may be adversely affected by special factors as force majeure, temporary stock shortage, etc. The Vendor strives to give information about these issues via the website or via e-mail.

Digital products will be sent to the Customer by e-mail, at the earliest on the working day following the order. The typical lead time of this product is 2-3 working days. It is also possible, especially during high season with huge traffic that fulfilment may need even longer lead time.

Rights and Obligations of the Customer

Care, Cleaning

The Customer is obliged to treat the products ordered and received as described in the Operating Instructions. Failure to follow the instructions therein may result in damage to the product. Seller shall not be liable for any damages resulting from non-compliance with these instructions.

Rights of Withdrawal

New Physical Products:

Pursuant to Article 29 (1) (c) of Government Decree 45/2014 (II. 26.): “The Consumer cannot exercise their rights defined in Article 20. §, for a product that is not prefabricated, which have been manufactured based on the Consumer’s instructions or at the express request of the Consumer, or for products clearly personalised to the Consumer.” Since the graphic chosen by the Customer is printed on the T-shirt in the size, style and colour of their choice after the order has been placed, in the context of a custom-made production, the Customer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal for these products.

Used Physical Products:

The used, discounted products offered in the outlet category are not made to individual order, so if the Customer wishes to cancel the purchase, they can do so by making a clear declaration to the Customer Service section within 14 days of receipt of the product. Customers can use this declaration template. The Vendor immediately confirms the receipt of the declaration and then informs the Customer about the method of return. The cost of returning the product is entirely borne by the Customer. After receipt of the product, the Vendor will reimburse the purchase price to the Customer within the statutory time limit. The Vendor may take into account the depreciation caused by the Customer in the product at the time of repossession, in which case it will not refund the full price. By default, the Vendor uses the same payment method as the Customer has paid for the refund, unless the Parties agree to another solution.

Digital Products:

If the Customer has purchased a gift card, in accordance with current law they may withdraw from the purchase within 14 days of the date of delivery of the digital product in order to comply, but only if the coupon code has not been used. If the coupon code is used on the Website during the withdrawal period, the Customer may not withdraw from the purchase, the digital product is considered to have been used. If the code has not been used and the Customer wishes to withdraw from the purchase, they may do so by making a clear statement in the contact details listed in the Customer Service section within the time limit. Customers can use this declaration template. The Vendor immediately confirms the receipt of the declaration and then reimburses the purchase price to the Customer within the time limit prescribed by law.

Faulty Fulfilment

The Vendor performs faulty order fulfilment, if a T-shirt with different graphic, size or style is shipped, or if the features of the delivered item significantly differ from those described on the website. The colours on the screen and the actual colours may differ by definition, and it shall not be deemed as faulty fulfilment, if the finished product does not match the Customer’s expectations. It is also not considered as faulty fulfilment, if the Vendor prints the ordered design on a T-shirt which is not significantly different in colour form the one described on the website due to temporary stock shortage, or due to any changes made by the manufacturer of the reference item, or for any other reasons. Customer cannot claim their accessory warranty rights (warranty that goods are of a specified quality) and product warranty rights for the same fault at the same time and in parallel. However successfully validating the product warranty rights claim, the Customer can also validate the accessory warranty rights for the replaced product or for the repaired part against the producer.

Accessory Warranty Rights

If the Customer detects a defect in the product at the time of delivery of the product or if the reason for the defect was already present at the time of delivery, the Customer may exercise their accessory warranty rights (warranty that goods are of a specified quality). Customer is obliged to report the defect to customer service immediately, but not later than two months after the discovery of the defect, in order to agree on the best way to resolve the issue for both parties. In case of faulty fulfilment Customer has the right to make an accessory warranty claim against the Vendor. The Customer can ask for repair or replacement, unless when fulfilment of these is impossible, or when the solutions would mean disproportionate additional costs for the Vendor compared to some other solutions. The availability of the used physical products (outlet product category) is by their very nature extremely limited in quantities, sizes, and colours (typically 1 item). In these cases, replacement is virtually impossible as it is not possible to replace the product with a commodity of the same type, size, or condition as the original. When Customer has not asked for repair or exchange, or when they could not ask for those, they can ask for a proportional price reduction, or can repair the item or have it repaired by a third party at the Vendor’s expense, or as a last resort Customer can withdraw from the contract. There is no room for withdrawal in case of insignificant error(s). If the Customer confirms that the item has been bought from the Vendor, there is no more condition for enforcement the accessory warranty rights besides reporting the error within six months of fulfilment. After six months from the date of fulfilment it is the Customer’s obligation to prove that the error has been present at the time of fulfilment. Customer may no longer exercise their accessory warranty rights beyond the two-year limitation period from the date of fulfilment of the contract. The warranty shall not be valid for cases where the Customer has not complied with the operating instructions (improper use) and this has resulted in damage to the product. Customer may only enforce their warranty rights in respect of defects which are beyond those in the original product specification and are not related to those. If the used product has known defects and the information about these was presented to the Customer at the time of purchase (for example via the product description on the Website), Vendor shall not be liable for the known defect, the Customer may not make claims relating to this defect of the item.

Product Warranty Rights

If the delivered item does not meet the applicable quality requirements valid at the time of market introduction, or if it does not have the characteristics described by the Vendor, then Customer can exercise their product warranty rights. Customer is obliged to report the error to customer service immediately after its discovery, to agree on the best way to resolve the issue for both parties. In a product warranty claim Customer can only request the repair or exchange of the defective item. The Customer can claim product warranty within two years of the product being placed on the market by the manufacturer and the Customer is always responsible for proving the defect of the product. Customer may only enforce their warranty rights in respect of defects which are beyond those in the original product specification and are not related to those. If the used product has known defects and the information about these was presented to the Customer at the time of purchase (for example via the product description on the Website), Vendor shall not be liable for the known defect, the Customer may not make claims relating to this defect of the item.

Complaint Handling

Our goal is to ensure that all our Customers are satisfied, and we will strive to do our best. Therefore, in the event of any complaint, the Customer is obliged to contact the Vendor first via its customer service contact details. Our registered users are asked to use the customer service support system available after login.

If the complaint cannot be properly settled via Customer service, the Customer has the right to contact a conciliation body, an online dispute resolution platform or a consumer protection organization. Contact details of consumer protection and dispute resolution bodies can be found on their website.

The Conciliation body according to the seat of the Vendor is:

Nógrád County Conciliation Board

3100 Salgótarján, Alkotmány út 9/A , Hungary

Online dispute

Consumer Protection

European Consumer


The current General Terms and Conditions (GTC) are valid from 3rd September, 2020. until withdrawal. By releasing a new GTC version, the previous variants are revoked; and from then on the new one applies to the new purchases. The Vendor reserves the right to make amendments to the GTC without prior notice; the version valid at all times, together with its issue date, is available on the website: https://niceride.hu/altalanos-szerzodesi-feltetelek/.